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fs im

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Anybody using a ported fs manifold? I am not spending $600 for the ze manifold that I won't be able to control the vcis on anyways. thinking about porting.........
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I've heard that the FSZE IM doesn't even fit correctly anyway. Any IM can be ported and it will make power.
any guesses on possible gains? I know it'll help top end and slightly reduce low end
Instead of the ZE IM, why not get one of the Protege DE IM's that has the VICS system? Since theyre stock they shouldnt be too expensive to acquire one...

How To: Protege FSDE IM on FS02 Motor (Probe/MX6/626) - Forums
there's a good idea! Thanks!
No problem. We're actually thinking of doing this, along with header and ZE intake cam, to my roomate's 93 base this winter while its in storage... about the only things left before it's got everything done to it...
if you try it, let me know! I'm thinking about it, just don't really want to lose egr
Eh, we dont have emissions here, so no need to worry about EGR;)
anyone know a good place to get one of the protege ims? local boneyards don't have any around here
nobody has any ideas?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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