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(fs) Kirkland 94 mazda mx-6 LS w/ 135k v6 5spd leather

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I am selling a '94 mx-6 ls Really clean leather interior I have the carfax if anyone wants to see it clean title. little paint fade not that bad compared to others I've seen.

new/replaced parts include:
timing belt/ tensioner / water pump
HEI mod to distributor! MSD blaster coil GM HEI ignition control mod.
used but working sunroof motor
alarm- autopage, pro installation keyless entry, trunk pop, blue led's etc....
pioneer mp3 deck
6.5's up front 6x9's in back
timing belt/water pump
flushed radiator
acc. belts real nice shape
sylvania silverstar headlights
used working power seat motor
OHHHHH ya it has 17" Enkei Katana's & low pros... well 3 I can't seem to find a fourth.
Lot of time into this car I am a former mx3'er I bought it not running dumped alotta time & money into this car.
Car is green interior is tan leather which is in reallly nice shape.
the bad:
tabs expired (emissions done last week its good to go)
2 small dings on pass side like tiny dings
clear coat oxidized on trunk & lil on roof a bit not the worst tho
air bag light code at the moment... gonna see if I can't do something about it I think it was code 52?

car is in kirkland willing to meet w/in 30 miles
craigslist ad:
'94 Mazda Mx-6 LS v6 135k leather sunroof alarm cd 17"s 5-spd

$2,000 or $1,900 if its today or tomorrow!
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Willing to take payments if you can put $1,500 & give me collateral or an address or something that'll make me trust you besides you just being a member of
its probly gonna be sold friday 2 people comin to look at it. anyone here want it email me [email protected]
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