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After an RX7 FD3S so the Probe is for sale.


I'm after £3500 ono.

Below is what will end up on ebay if it doesn't sell via forums in a couple of weeks or so.

UK peeps ring me on ************ between 6 and 10ish if you want to chat about it.

Cheers, Paul.

Ford Probe 24V, 1995 "N" reg. The car is in excellent condition for it's age and has been professionally modified to a high standard.

All body work was carried out by Clements Bodyshop in Ripley to an excellent standard. The spoiler, rear spats and sideskirts were bought from FX Designs in Canada. The front bumper is a unique combination of an original Ford Probe CW Style Bumper and the original plastic bumper. Clements decided that the CW bumper was not going to fit the car properly and have expertly blended the two together. The company did my previous Ford Probe and have had a car featured in car magazines.

Engine work has mostly been carried out either by myself or people well known in this country as being experts on the car. The engine has seen 187bhp under the previous owner but is currently making 175bhp, the lack of power believed to be due to the difference in exhaust systems between the cars.

I myself have been a member of the Ford Probe Owners Club from day one, I was on the original committee and am now a member of Autophoria and have owned a Ford Probe since 1999. The previous owner was also a committee member and now an Autophoria founder member, in fact we swapped cars and she now has my car.

Mechanically the car is sound with regular maintenance and oil changes carried out. Recently the car has only been driven once a week due to me moving house. It is fitted with a Toad Cat 2 alarm system and Sigma immobilisor. The interior is in good condition but the rear seats have been replaced with later models due to the foam disintegrating. It comes with original Ford mats. The car has no rear speakers but used to have 6x9s in and a pair can be bought cheaply. Comes with original jack and space saver spare wheel. It will also be supplied with a CD containing images from the previous owner and myself documenting various changes that have taken place.

Feature car on sheffcruise (

Good points

  • Unique front bumper, there are also only two FX Designs kits in the country...the other one is on my old car
  • Almost complete respray when body kit fitted 2 years ago
  • Rear caliper replaced so no sticking
  • Original immobilisor removed and replaced so no well-known immobilisor problems
  • Has an MSD Ignition unit fitted with external coil so no failing distributor problems either
  • Cared for by the best in the Probe community
  • Black interior - unusual for early cars in the UK
  • Full 80k service performed 17 Nov
Bad points

  • Small cigarette burn on rear seat
  • Nearside front wheel is slightly curbed
  • Small hairline crack to side of bumper
  • Inside panels on boot lid have been replaced
Any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!!

A full description of the cars modifications is presented below and these details can be seen at the following URLs: (this site is run by myself for all Probe owners)


  • Hotshot Cold Air Intake w/ K&N XStream Air Filter
  • Magnecore 8mm Leads
  • Polished Front and Rear Valve Cover and Intake Manifold
  • Brushed Aluminium Engine Oil Filler Cap
  • PRD Radiator Mounts
  • PRD Fan shroud
  • Outlaw Engineering IM Phenolic Spacers
  • Port Matched IM
  • Samco Silicone Vacuum Hoses
  • Samco Coolant Hoses
  • Samco Hoses for Hotshot Intake
  • Scorpion Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust
  • Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • MSD Ignition Unit with External Coil
  • Grounding Kit
  • Redone fuelling system, all banjo bolts removed, dual-feed, screw type fittings to replace all jubilee clips, braided hose throughout.
  • BOK Cat Bypass
  • BOK 67mm Throttle Body

  • BOK Short Throw Shifter

  • Standard

  • Apex Lowering Springs

  • 18x8 Hi-Octane H109 Silver

  • FX Designs rear/side skirts and spoiler
  • Custom CWest front bumper
  • Delocked
  • Debadged
  • M3 mirrors w/side repeaters
  • Standard side repeaters removed
  • US Style Popups

  • Sparco Brushed Aluminium Gearknob
  • Sparco Lap 5 Steering Wheel
  • Rear seats replaced as foam was disintegrating

  • Alpine CDA-9835R Head Unit
  • Pioneer 3-way 6.5" Fronts

baaaaaaaaaad Honda.
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I bet thats a sweet looking beast on the streets of derbyshire!
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