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Hey guys,

I have a MX-6 factory turbocharger, forgive me if I am wrong but I've got it a while back and cannot remember if I am correct about the details, but:

Came off 88-89 Mazda MX-6?
Don't know how it was running because it came off an already half-parted parts car. Hence this piece is as is, maybe someone who knows these things well can tell. There is very little shaft play and the compressor housing does not look like there are any scratches on it. None of the blades are chipped. I bought it to turbo my mazda 323 long time ago but never got around to it so it's been sitting in my basement since then.

Asking price is: 120$ obo. I am welcome to meet up in Richmond Hill, Ontario if you want to take a look at it and buy it. Here are some pictures.

PM me if you are interested, thanks.

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