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FS: New Mitsubishi 93-94 KL Distributor

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(IL) FS: New Mitsubishi 93-94 KL Distributor

Have this sitting around, thought about using it for MS, but I think I'm gonna go with coilpack instead.

Brand new never used, model # T0T57072 - $150 shipped

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Bump, price is not firm.
To the top
Pretty sure mine is dead. How about 100?
I can do $130 shipped.

I'm waiting for a respond from another guy, if that fall through I'll let you know.
What's your PayPal? I'll send you and invoice, or you can PayPal me at [email protected].
Sent the money.

Got it, I'm attending a wedding today so I'll have it ship on Monday.
hmm.. since im too late for this buy, im in desperate need of a distributor that wont crap out on me after 5 months... i bought a new disty on ebay from that 'distributor king' supplier which crapped out on me after a year.. and now i've gone thru an autozone reman and a brand new one in less than 6 months..
is mitsu any good?? where can i buy one if not on here?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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