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FS: part out

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Unfortunately i am forced to junk my 93 mx6. i'll be stripping my stereo equipment out of it on saturday so if anyone would like anything from it please let me know what and make me an offer for it. I don't plan to dig into the engine however it does have a Spec stage 2 clutch, new oil pump, new water pump (you'll have to run a tap through the flange to clean the threads) new drivebelts and a new timing belt, all with less than 700 miles, the clutch has two thousand or less miles on it, also two tires (stock size) with less than 200 miles on them. You can e-mail me [email protected] or pm for my cell number.

Edit: I'll also take offers on the whole car but it really would be a parts car and most of the panels are damaged. It is also in new jersey so if you do want it you'll have to arrange pick up.

Drivers door SOLD
Hood Possibly Sold
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:) price on entire transmission and everything to swap mine to mtx. :)

any pics?
Im looking for a tan power driver's seat. Let me know if you have it... [email protected]
sorry i don't get online much my seats are charcoal gray and manual... sorry. I don't know exactly everything you might need to swap to mtx so I can just sell you the whole car minus the couple things i'm taking out if you want however be aware hat you may need to rebuild the trans the third gears grinds occasionaly and it doesn't always like to go into reverse. I think getting mine rebuilt would probably be cheaper than buying one rebuilt (2500 trans only from mazda). also if you go that route sells hardened ring gears for it.
update the car is now back in pa and i'm gonna gut it completely. most stuff is still available
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