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I'm parting out my extra MX6. This vehicle was in a front end collision, so front end parts are scarce. All exterior parts are GREEN all interior parts are TAN

KL01 Motor Block (SEIZED) - $10 Come get it 178K MI
KL01 Motor Block (Bad #6 bearing) - $10 Come get it 188K MI
KL01 Heads (both) Good Shape - $50 New Valve Seals Incl
KL01 Heads (both) Good Shape - $50
KL01 Cams (all 4) Good Shape - $50
KL01 Intake Manifold - $25
KL01 Exhaust Manifolds - $5 (2 sets)
KL01 Mazda Valve Covers - $20
KL01 Flywheel - $10 (2 avail)
KL01 Lifter Set (24) Soaking upside down in Mobil1 - $50 -SILENT! (1)
KL01 Lifter Set (24) Soaking upside down in Mobil1 - $50 -SILENT! (2)
KL31 Piston Set (6) in NEW condition - $50 Pistons
KL31 Distributor Like NEW - $50 ZE Distributor

Other KL parts? Just ask.
Driver Door w/Glass+Motor - $50 (very minor dings)
Pass Door w/Glass+Motor - $50 (minor dings)
Cloth Tan Interior w/Driv/Pass Seats, all panels and rear seats - $50 needs cleaning
Driver Side Mirror - $25
Pass Side Mirror - $25

HVAC Controls - $10
Gauge Pod (MTX) w/ 192k mi - $5

Trunk lid w/Spoiler (cracked led) - $20 Spoiler 1 Spoiler 2
Front Windshield $20 Come Get It
Rear Windshield $10 Come Get it
Rear Side Windows $10 EA come get it
L Taillight Assy - $10
R Taillight Assy - $10
Rear Bumper (minor scratch) - $15

Sunroof Motor (works, but not 100%) - $20
Sunroof Panel No RUST - $25
MX6 Wheels w/ Michelin XOne 205/55/15 (3/32)- $50
AC Compressor 2.5 KL / OEM - $25
Alternator 2.5 KL /OEM - $25
NEW OEM 2.5 IM Gaskets - $10 (2 Sets) IM Gasket 1 IM Gasket 2
NEW OEM 2.5 Exhaust Mani Gaskets - $10 EX Gasket

Rockford Fosgate 1100A2 - $75 RF 1100a2
-Note- Amp needs repair. NIB was $999.99. Repair estimate by RF dealer - $200. This is one SERIOUS amp - do your research if you're curious.

Other Interests? Just ask. I cannot gaurantee that i have the part or that it works, but you can always ask!

I'm not necessarily a stickler for a price. If you think i'm asking too much, ask me for something different! Please resort all contacts to my email or telephone as I do not check probetalk 'round the clock.

Anyone that wants the carcass is welcome to it. Title will be included. Remember, its wrecked and its stripped. Sure, there are a couple good parts left, but for the most part its been picked clean. Any of you title swappers out there? I know nothing but hey, whatever =)

[email protected], 4239430677
adam chandley.

ALSO: 93 mx6 ls /klze /cmst2 clutch /fidanza /sts /rr mm /leather /more $3700!! LOWERED PRICE!!

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The paint is great, there might be a slight scratch on it but i seriously doubt it. Its Hunter Green, and remember, the LED on the spoiler is cracked so you'll prolly want to replace it. I can ship anything, as long as you want it! haha. Let me know, I dont doubt that shipping WILL BE EXPENSIVE and I will have to get some sort of special packaging arrangements made.

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ALL: its a 93 hunter green, however i realy dont know the paint code! I will have to get you pictures on thursday as the car(s) are not where i live, they're in my garage at the 'rents house.

Fastest95PGT: this is an MX6 - are you sure you want the switches out of an MX6 (you seem to own a probe)

EVERYONE: please respond in email or PM if at all possible because forum posts get confusing :)
pics of my running 6. same paint scheme.

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JoKeR = Amp is kick ass, but one of the speaker leads crossed during an ear destruction session and ate the (R) channell. basically, one of the transistors in the amp got hot and died. I've had RF fix this before under warranty, but now the 3 year warranty is gone and they offer a send-in fix-it service. Its a balls-to-the-wall awesome amp, when working. i guarantee it will eat up just about anything you throw at it. i was running two RF power DVC 12s, rated at 2000W ea w/ 4" voice coils. -- Ripped the surrounds off of them. POWA!

FastestGT -- sorry to be a jerk - just making sure!! Switches $15 shipped. I cant remember but they may exhibit the slightest bit of wear (ie: letters might be rubbed off) but i dont believe so.

paypal: [email protected]

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LS rims are 50$, shipping will likely be expensive to MI. I only charge exact shipment cost.

stock airbox - if you're just wanting the plastic box - $20 shipped. if the shipping is less than my estimate, ill throw the change in the box!

window switches - they do NOT stick.

anything that is paid for by 230-300P EST thursday will be shipped before 5P thursday, and by 5PM everyday thereafter! I am going to my shop tomorrow and tearing both cars apart so whenever yo'ure ready i'll ship!
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