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FS: SALE, Many parts, Have a look!

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Hello guys, I have up for grabs many nice parts from different Mazda cars so have a look as there may be something of interest to you. Prices include shipping within the Continental USA, I do ship internationally so feel free to ask for a shipping quote.

OK here we go its a big list so grab a coffee and start reading:grin2:

IHI T-Bird hybrid Compressor Housing and wheel with adapter and original flanges (this will fit the turbos in the Probe\MX6\626 with VJ11 turbo) $84

T-bird Garrett T3 60\63 Turbocharger with welded aluminum inlet and outlet on the comp housing $138

KLDE KLG4 intake manifold Phenolic spacers (oval) with Bolts SOLD!

93-97 Mazda 626 JDM rear mud flaps with hardware, these are hard to come by and are a bit bigger than the regualr rear 626 mud gards $60

1996 Mazda 626 MTX ECU with pig tail connector(great for converting to Manual trans) KLC7 , KLC9-18-881B $48

RR Racing Motor Mount Polyurethane inserts (red) , I believe these are for the rear mount on the KL $24

G series manual transmission Stainless Braided Clutch line 12" long for mx6\626\probe but may fit others SOLD!

VRIS vacuum canisters with check valve(fits all KLs i believe) came off a KLDE $24

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 aluminum Gas pedal cover with hardware, can be made to fit any plastic gas pedal just drill 2 holes and done $24

2006 Mazdaspeed 6 Exhaust surrounds with rear valance in rough shape (willing to sell just the stainless surrounds for $80) $140

03-05 Mazda 6 3.0 V6 Injen Cold air intake, includes rubber elbow and Maf sensor SOLD!

Mazda 323 GTR replica hood vents made of fiberglass (BG), bought from ebay Indonesia $80

Aluminum Blow off valve Spliter style (Forge clone) SOLD!

93-97 Mazda MX6 rear mud flaps, 2 sets available in red and gold $60

Mazda MX3 GS rear mud flaps blue $60

93-97 Mazda MX6 Power Mirror in green(faded) Driver side LHD $36

03-08 Mazda 6 leather perforated steering wheel $42

91-95 Mazda 929 (HD) Front and rear Mud flap set, pearl white $86

2001 Protege 5 ATX ECU FS8M-1881-B $40

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Pedal covers, gas brake & clutch (might fit 626\mx6 look it up) SOLD!

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege FSDET Braided oil feed line and T adapter with oil pressure sensor, OEM setup(should fit FS & FSDE) $26

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP silver strut bar with mounting brackets, OEM $75

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Stainless Turbo Manifold heat shield , OEM $48

2003 Mazdspeed Protege MSP MTX ECU MSP0-1881-A (great for converting your Protege to Turbo)$85

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Aluminum valve cover with cam sensor $54

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Samco Sport hot pipe, Silicone upper intercooler pipe SOLD!

2003 Mazdaspeed Protege silicone upper radiator hose and Turbo T shape silicone hose and another related silicone hose SOLD!

Forge billet adjustable WGA wategate for Mazdaspeed protege $85

Told ya it was a long list of goodies :wink2:


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Quote on the msp vc to 97402?

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Don you can have it for the show price $54 shipped
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Sound good man! I hear ya lol
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Pm sent for stainless clutch line and intake spacers
Great! I havent received the message yet ...
Pm sent for stainless clutch line and intake spacers
Sent you a visitor message , check your profile:wink2:

Also sent you an email...
Local MX6er

I'm looking for a driver side door handle (not the one that opens the door, but the plastic cutout that you use to close the door). If you don't have one yourself, maybe you can point me in the direction of a yard that might. I live in South Florida, and I'm doing a resto on my 94 LS.

Thanks, and great Youtube vids btw.
How cool, Thanks man for the credit. Don't know of any others beside Justin in Boynton Beach with the White MX6. >:)

Haven't seen MX6s at the junkyards in ages, However you can get the door handle cup from a 98-06 Mazda 626 and theres plenty of those at the JY. its a direct bolt on and so are their chrome door handles (interior , front) :grin2:
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Btw do you have the full set of MS pedals for sale or just the gas? If I could make those fit, it would be lovely.
I have just the speed6 gas pedal. the clutch and brake are all the same bewtreen the rx8/speed6/speed3
Tbird hybrid

Is tbird hybrid still for sale? If so I'm interested
Tbird hybrid Compressor housing with wheel and adapter, Yes it is still available :wink2:
Send me a message or your email
I'm interested in the Injen air intake for 3.0 Mazda 6. Do you by chance know if it will throw the CEL when installed?
TBH I don't know, i searched 6crew forum and seems some people do others don't, for those that get a cell, it seemed it clears out once the ecu learns it. If youre intered feel free to message me for the papal.
best regards

Hi guys, Many item up for grabs :grin2:
Shipped to 53097

RR Racing Motor Mount Polyurethane inserts (red) , I believe these are for the rear mount on the KL $24
That's the price shipped $24
Via PayPal

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