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as i won't be needing it anymore, (sold the car) i've decided to sell the short (bottomend) i had made up for my '89 mx-6 turbo (will fit 88 onwards tx5 turbo). the list of parts and stuff done to it are as follows:
- Acid dipped, hot tank cleaned
- crack tested
- sonic tested
- bored and honed
- decked
- rods resized
- crank ground
- ACL duralite pistons
- Moly piston rings
- ACL bearings
- ACL Gasket Kit
- New brass wash plugs
- ACL new Main and Big end bearings
- Reco'd oil pump
- Assembled and ready to install

looking for $1500ono

cost me $2700 to get the short made up and it hadn't even gone into the car yet...

call me on 0411615756 or email me ([email protected]). any reasonable offers will be considered

** sorry, melbourne ppl only

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man the more i see this the more i wanna buy it.

$1,500 is an absolute steal aswell.

i'll get back to u soon dude.. also, how much would i be looking at to get it fitted?
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