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I recently sold off my 94 MX6 and am left with the entire audio system that will fit only in an mx6. For those of you that may have seen it, mine was the black mx in the October 2000 issue of Car Audio and Electronics magazine. The pieces that I am selling are:
1. Custom made fiberglass kickpanels that will hold 3 or 4 inch mid and 1 inch or below tweeter. Vinyl has been dyed brown to match interior but can be recovered in any color. Cost about $1000 to make both. Best offer takes them.
2. Custom fiberglass spare tire well enclosure for two 10s or 11in(focal) subs. Drops right into the tire well for sunken look, 1.4 cubic feet of airspace. Covered in marble formica. Also about a 1000 to make. Best offer takes it.
3. Complete set of wood and fibreglass panels to make your trunk look completely custom. Back wall has curves like factory panel but covered in black vinyl. Sides were make at angles with cutouts for eqs and other things and sliding glass windows. About $2000 to make. Best offer takes.
4. Amp rack that slides perfectly in against the back seat. Holds two large amps, changer, and power distribution. Covered in marble formica.
5. Crossover rack that fits behind rear seats. Holds two capacitors, A few crossovers, could be made to fit amps if they are small. Covered in marble formica and lit by blue leds. Best offer
6. Two Focal Utopia 27WX subs. only used for a few months before system was torn down. $1800/pair retail. Selling best offer.

If you are interested in any of this stuff please let me know and I can send you pictures of what they all looked like in the car. This is a perfect match if you are building an IASCA system or just looking for something totally custom for your MX6. I won over 10 first place trophies all over the west coast with this setup so it is the real deal. All you have to do is add equipment and you are good to go. They are just taking up garage space so I would rather see them back in an MX6. Email me at [email protected] with any questions. Thanks Josh
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