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FS: Toshiba Tecra 8100 P3-650mhz, 512mb, 20gb, 14.1", DVD-ROM
Great P3 Laptop. Perfect for students, or as a desktop substitute for those with very little space to work with. Comes with everything you need. I'm writing this thread on it right now. I'll guarantee it isn't DOA (dead on arrival) but I'm not a computer guy, and it freezes when I'm on the wireless internet and wandering around my house and I've just become frustrated and bought a new one. So if you know how to format and reinstall windows, or quote "update the driver or firmware" then this is an opportunity for you to get a good deal.

Reserve price is $200. I'm asking $350 on most buy and sell boards I've posted on, but for my mx6 family we can work something out. PM me for shipping quotes before bidding.

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