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Hey i have a few parts still left

2 Stock mx6 turbos, unknown milage on them (junkyard turbos) but both seem to be in good shape with little shaftplay.. 100 each

1 set of FC leather seats, thses ones arnt from a TII but an 86 GXL. they arnt really a bolt up as i found out for the MX6 however i am sure you could make them work, my TII has the red interior so i am not going to bother using this set either.. asking 100 for the set, they're in good shape

1 set of S5 RX7 TII injectors, they are the pink top with the oval plug, high impedence. They're like brand new came off a jspec with 35000kms on it : )
asking 100 for thoise

I have some other MX6 and RX7 crap lying arund too pm if anytthing is needed

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