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Ok the car needs to be painted. I could offer to spray it if you bring the paint but basically I was offered this car and.... I hate f-bodys.

I want a 626 or a mx6 or a probe. (Pref 2nd gen on all, I would think about a Turbo first gen but I think thats wishful thinking)

Eitherway I have a new son and well... I have a Probe GT I would pref to have a MX-6 or settle for 626/Millena for my wife. So straight trades here.

Car was owned by an employee of Homes Tuttle (SP?) Its here in AZ and I have pics that I am currently working on loading.

Also the Top is NEW, so def no leaks! (You can see that in the pics)

Either way its an Auto, strong non-oil burning motor (Does not leak oil either), needs paint, drives well, has a good interior for its age (Its not all torn up it is nice, gray in color). Good gas milage and if you wanted to do a V8 Mod it would still get you 4cyc insurance rates. The car has had regular oil changes and tune ups. It has A/C but I am finding the hole in it. If I can fix it it will be fixed or if not then it will need to be fixed but this is a mustang so I know parts are much easier to find.

The NADA Price low is 1425 and since I will paint it white for just the cost of paint or any other color if you provide it for free (Would take 2 days max). (I think it would look great Probe Electric Blue and I know its less then 150 for all the needed paint supply. I just got paint for my brothers new 93 GT From harvey93se and we are pretty sure were going to have enough to paint mine as well so it would be perfect and I think the color would be awsome on it!) Also any little dings or dints found while painting will be fixed to ^-^

Anyway local is def the way to go here but if someone wants to drive to get it, I would offer a place to stay etc and welcome ya ^-^

Thanks Guys!!!

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