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Car can spike to 12psi , beeps, cuts, teeth smash, the whole bit lol. Currently only running a 2.25" turbo back exhaust.

Bought a Probe LX on Tuesday, so the 626 will just stay parked for a while...probably save up for microsquirt.

This post is a little odd to me. Are you running a boost controller?

If you set the boost to say.. 10.. can you fully drive the vehicle then? No issues with full throttle?

My car drove fine as long as I kept it below the 12 psi. If I raised the boost then when I hit high psi it would cut out.

Now your issue may be chip related, as I don't know what else that particular chip does. Does the car beep at you when it cuts out?

Based on your post im feeling like you do have a large boost leak.

I got my chip from goodchildren. Purchased from ebay, but was dealing with him over the forum here. Nothing was resolved, didn't feel like asking for my money back either. idk. Car is parked now anyways lol couldn't go more than 2/3 throttle without it cutting on me. Kinda made the car unpredictable to drive. Life I guess
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