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Fuel pressure regulator question

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I looked at two different vacuum diagrams, one for the KLDE and one for the KLZE. Everywhere I look, they say that the KLDE diagram is for an engine WITH EGR, and the KLZE one is for an engine WITHOUT EGR, but the FPR vacuum lines are different also.



i used to be running the KLDE fuel setup but recently switched to the KLZE setup and noticed no difference. Is the FPR unnecessary, or whats the deal with this?
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Its not all that important.

When you apply vacuum to that line on the FPR it just raises fuel pressure a little bit to make up for the extra vacuum.

Only think difference is that one solenoid is gone on the ZE diagram, not sure what it does but Its probablly not to important.

Edit - You need the FPR but I dont think the solenoid is going to kill you to run without it. Majority of people with AFPR dont use that solenoid anyways.
weight reduction time!!! later, FPR solenoid!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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