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Well I ran out of gas a while back. This was within about 20 km (12 miles) of the low fuel light coming on.

I realized that I hadn't heard the transfer pump for a while, so I'm guessing that's what left me with such minimal "reserve".

Pulled it apart last weekend and tested the terminal indicated in the shop manual (under the back seat) and there was no 12V where there should be. Next step (page 4B-62) says check voltage at the "fuel pump control unit".

Anyone know where this unit is located or what it looks like? I'm guessing that it's 4WS-specific, cause there's no mention of it in the main fuel pump diagnostic/troubleshooting section.

Car still runs fine, just not as far on a tank of fuel and I'm carrying around 7 or 8 litres that is of no use to me.

Any/all insight appreciated.
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