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Both issues started at the same time. I am wondering if the problem is being caused by the fuel pump and fuel gauge float assembly inside the fuel tank......or if it could be something else, that is easier to fix. Car runs fine, but 2 issues:

After about 11 gallons, with 4 gallons left, it will be hard to start in the morning. It acts like it is waiting for fuel. It cranks about 10 seconds, then starts. This is the only time it has this problem.

The fuel gauge goes all over the place. When full it shows 3/4. After half is used up, it can show all the way to empty when starting out....then when driving, it will rise up, even to half full, then later go down again.

Is this an electrical issue inside the fuel tank ? The fuel pump was replaced about 2 years ago...maybe they didn't hook it up well ? But it has been running fine for 2 years. And the car runs fine, so it gets fuel. Just these 2 issues are happening.
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