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Fuel tank leak

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I recently bought a 1993 MX6 LS to fix up and I need help figuring out how to fix this fuel leak.
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I don't know what that part is, but there is another one of those in the back and that one is completely loose.
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I can just lift it up and take it out. Do I need to replace these or use tank epoxy? Any help is appreciated.
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Are you saying the leak is coming from the clamps/hose?
The leak is coming from one of the vent valves. The rubber seals on both vent valves are really cracked and they also seem a little melted? Not sure if the previous owner put something on those rubber parts and that messed them up.
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I'm changing the rubber seals for sure, but I'm not sure if I need to change the valves too. Is there a way to test them? I'm also having a hard time finding them. Will the ones made for Probes fit?
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When did it leak ? These are just passages for vapor, not fuel. Did it only leak when you completely filled up the tank ?
It was worse when the tank was full. I would only notice a few drops while parked, but the car always smelled like gas.
Yes the probe uses the same ones
Thank you. I can only find Probe ones.
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