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'G' Reg Volvo 340 1.4 5 speed for sale

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Hi everyone,

This might be of interest to some of you.


Volvo 340 now for sale - Volvo Owners Club Forum

and this:

Volvo 340 1.4 Engine Problem - Volvo Owners Club Forum

I sold Trundle 2 to my neighbour last Spring and he wants to sell her.

It will either need a replacement engine or work done on it plus a new radiator.

Otherwise the car is in great condition for a 19 year old motor.

I am kinda tempted to buy it back and keep her myself.

But if any of you want a nice car which is cheap to insure, does 40 mpg and is very comfortable inside, then please PM me.

Oh yes, both David and I will not sell her to someone who will break her, hence we are asking for a few bob.

Take care


PS.............Anyone who knows me will know that this car is in great condition except the engine and rad, of course ..........;)
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Hi Guys,

We have had quite a few people taking interest in her from Volvo Owner Club members but all have two or three in their driveway and their wives/partners get madder still ..........:ewink:

Sounds like MX 6 owners to me ..........;)

Anyway £100 ONO will secure the car.

Anyone interested?


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Hi Guys,

Trundle 2 is going next weekend.............:cry: ....... I have known her for 7 years.

But I am also happy too ..............:)

The chap who is having her is going eventually to put the 1.8 litre engine from the Renault Clio in.

All Volvo 340's have Renault based engines under the bonnet anyway and Andy tells me that the conversion will be relatively simple.

Can't wait to have a drive in her when she's done...........:jump:

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Hi Guys,

Here are fotos of Trundle 2 leaving last Saturday and after it's final polish

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