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It varies from state to state and areas within each state. Sydney-NSW, premium-UL(96RON) at the moment is around $1.00 per litre, standard-UL (91RON) at the moment is aroung $0.94 per litre.

I just came back from the Northern Territory where standard-UL varied from $1.06-$1.27 per litre.

The price is expected to rise by a about 5-10 cents per litre in the next month due to OPEC cutting back on production.

Enjoy your trip.


while down in melbourne

man, the lowest we went down to was 79.9c yesterday 10/01, but went back up to about 91.9c today... just on the first day i got my car... oh well... fun don't come cheap...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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