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I am a first gen but just got a 91 929 S with the 3.0 DOHC. I have noticed a lack of pressure when I remove the gas cap. From what I heard the 2.5 is closely related to my engine. When I drive constant for say 150 miles mpg is 24-25. However with my drive to work which is mainly interstate of 75 miles per day I can only get 20 MPG. I think the lack of pressure maybe my cause for this drop in mileage as I got gas sat night and got the 24-25 and filled up today at 20 MPG. I did about a 180 mile trip on sat filling up before I left and when I got back.

I am going to change caps with my 6 and see if it may be a bad cap not holding the pressure. Would it be possible for that much gas to be lost or what?

The history on the car is a 91 with 85K and tank looks great with no sign of rust and fuel lines all look good with no cracking on initial once over.

I just wanted some feedback to get a starting point at what may be wrong.

BTW, my driving for the trip on sat were very fast 80 MPH average so I would have expected worse mileage??????
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