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GC 626 turbo performance?

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Hi all, I've found a screaming deal on an '87 626 turbo coupe here in Milwaukee. It seems like there's almost no knowledge out there related to the GC-platform cars though. Are the early turbo engines pretty stout? Any info on intercooling or turbo upgrades? I'm wondering if the car is worth it as something to build off of or if anyone has experience modding one; I'm just looking to build a fun sub-$1000 turbo car.
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I just got one, it goes pretty well. They are rated at 120hp and like 150tq I believe. I'd say those are pretty conservative ratings. I'd estimate performance in the high 15 to low 16 sec quarter mile range. But that's just a guess. Seems like upgrades are pretty much a DIY deal. I bet there's a bit hidden in this thing that some bolt ons will let out.
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