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I was out today on a test drive of a '93 LS that I plan to buy :) Anyway, it is 5-speed, and compared to my '91 it seemed to be geared very high. I mean I was in 4th before I could blink an eye! I know my '91 is geared fairly high with a 4.10 (something like this) diff gear. So if anyone has gearing of a '93 LS that I could take a look at and compare that would be great. Thanks!

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93/94 MX6 has final gear ratio of 4.105 ..

1st - 3.307
2nd - 1.833
3rd - 1.233
4th - 0.914
5th - 0.717
Rev - 3.166

For lots of macgyver-ish details go to:

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Hey thanks, that's actually the same exact gearing as in my LX, so I should be pretty familiar with it then! I guess being paired with the V6 made it feel different.

That's a cool site, great source of info.

BTW, I love MacGyver... 11pm on WGN.
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