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not easily.

It depends on what sort of gear swaps do you want? L

There are a couple other ratios available in other G series transmissions over seas that are a direct swap.

There are other G series transmissions, the 1993-1997 MX6/626.. those are "G" series transmissions, but it is more than just swapping gears around. Same goes for the later Proteges.. those also have a G5M transmission.

Your best bet is to use a H series (H5M) transmission (the Turbo transmission), but you'll need the suspension bits also... wheel hubs, steering knuckle, axles, intermediate shaft.. clutch is different.. and the 1990-1992 Probe LX V6 has the same H5M transmission but with different ratios from the '89-'92 Mx6 GT.. those are direct fit swaps..

Frankly, therei sn't much difference, but you can get a closer gear ratio using the hybrid ProbeLX/MX6 GT transmision, and if you use the Probe final drive, it is a 3.850 vs the MX6 4.1.05.. so you'd get a higher top speed, and lower drive RPMs.. better fuel economy..
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