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Gearbox went bang!

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Well i popped my gearbox today not 100% sure whats wrong but i think i will just replace it, i was in 1st and i put my foot down and it made a funny sound and the shifter felt all funny and something is very wrong :(

Edit: Dam i cant edit the title!!!!!

Title fixed
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I guess those reverse donuts didnt help eh....the G series box isnt known for its strength

It shouldn't be too hard to pick up another one tho.
Not good, as he said that reverse donut didn't prob help much.. :)
thanks for fixing the title :tup: and yer when it happend the first thing that went through my mind was you guys are going to make fun of me for thr donuts :p I have seen that the probe gearbox with it's different final drive it a tad quicker on the 1/4 do you think it is worth finding one?
If can and willing to pay the extra cost. Probe box is a nice upgrade.

It's more likely the diff went. It's call doing single wheelers.

As a general rule and I think some of you younger 2nd gen owners need to listen here. As Iv'e borken the same diff in Auto ( was using in the auto)
I've borken 4 of them and 2 of them were with a baby 80KW F2N/A

Single wheeler open diff's and FWD box's and BURNOUTS or SPINNING it up or SKIDDYS or what ever you call it.

It's not on. Either get use to it. ( I did and I still don't care - the difference I have 5 G -diffs in my back yard)

Also If you looking for a quick get away.
Learn to EASE THE POWER IN. Ride the clutch enough - get your clutch height and feel set up. It's best advantage of a Hydrolic clutch.
Not only do oyu do less damage but you get a much better get away.
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So what would be my options for a LSD i have done a quick search on google and found these Import Performance Parts - Phantom Grip LSD
$260 seems a fair price to me for LSD, not sure if it would suit the MX6 tho, no reverse donuts to test out the LSD :p
It might not turn 270degrees but im sure something else will break. :)
So what would be my options for a LSD i have done a quick search on google and found these Import Performance Parts - Phantom Grip LSD
The phantom grip LSDs dont really address the strength issue, as there nothing more than a couple of blocks of metal shoved between the spider gears, to limit their movement.....a bit crude really.If anything it might even contribute to an early failure.

I have never had any personal experience with them tho, guys in the US, some say theyre ok, some dont.

Why dont you put your name on the list for this :GI: Affordable Helical LSD's for the G-series!! - Club Protege

wont be ready in time for the gearbox swap tho.
yer i would but $ is the biggest problem atm i will just try to get a stock box from mazbits or somewhere
If it helps any, i got my box from Mazbits for $500 with 6 months wrnty was only a month or so ago.
I called mazbits today and they said they didnt have any so i called Mazford and they have one for $395 + $75 shipping
3 options for the V6

mazdaspeed - merchanical 2way LSD was used in the turbo protege 5 approx $900 imported here ( I have one ) only works with 626 4.11 diff ration not probe unless you swap over ring gears but it's waste as it's nice factory fitted and rivited unit.

2 option - find a import box with the Ms-6 LSD viscus unit - cost unknown - hard to find. Viscus fluid can be damaged

3 option As pointed above the Hellical group buy or even the Quaffie version.

either way Learn to open your wallet.

The phantom grip is quick simple but I can tell you now will not take abuse.

Oh and yes if any 2nd genners looking for boxes - Mazford are in effect looking to move away from older mazda's well I've taken 80% of all 1st gen bits but 2nd gen stuff. Happy to get rid.

oh and just for comparisson
They test all boxes
I was at pick and pay less - On shelf it's $500 and $380 if you take it out your self ? I told them Really must be made of gold.
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you could also give Formaz parts plus in Wetherill park a call 9725 1188, the might be able to help too (but like mazford theyre moving away from older cars)

And yeah Rod, your right, if I had to pull it myself from P&P I'd want to pay no more than $250...380 is a joke
ended up going mazford for $395, i asked for the probe gearbox but they didnt have any, should be here thursday and will be going in on the weekend. As for the LSD it will have to wait untill i have some money and after i have done some other things to the car eg. better brakes, new wheels, cams and ECU
Well the only good thing is you can still sort of get Syncros for the G -series.
but it's down to 2 part numbers

mazda claim you use 1-4 the gear same syncro.
They claim superceded parts but I'm sceptical.
and 5th is 2nd gear on a 121. LOL yeah Funny that hey.

but I did get them today so I'll find out when I get my G box rebuilt.
No time to do it myself nor could I care to do it. Car gearboxes are painfull. Give me large industrail non syncro gearbox or 300KW reduction motor gearbox - no problem. But car Boxes For get it pain in the rear. Simple but without the right tools I find it too tire some.

oh but ah the Mazdapseed LSD takes the turbo GD shafts easy enough.

IMO been thinking about it a mild turbo FE DOHC could ive with a G series N/A box with a straight cut 3rd gear from PAR and LSd of some tye.
So hi powered KL's not hard either.

it's onyl the F2 with it's monster low down torque that really requires more protection.
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oh but ah the Mazdapseed LSD takes the turbo GD shafts easy enough.
Does "easy enough" mean straight fit? Or did it take some fancy footwork with shaft swapping?
Its the same number of splines and diameter.

I remember in the article where JayB put a G type LSD in his H-type box, he did not make any mention about needing to mod the drive shafts to fit, but that doesnt mean he didn't.

I guess it'd be pretty likely that a G type box with a 28 spline LSD would take F2T Manual shafts

See : 1st gen MX_6/Probe GT Turbo chat

I am still toying with the idea of keeping my G type in my GC after the FEt goes in....I was hoping the lower weight of the car would help the gearbox live....I am in two minds about it...I have an H-type to fit in there if I need to.
Yeah the latter G-series use different diff internals in effect.
so they use 28 spline shafts like the GD turbo models.

I pulled apart a G series GC turbo box the other day. but I don't know the internal ratios of that box but memory say it has 3.8 diff not the 4.105 so you would need to move to the Gd and latter secondary shaft with the 4.105 ratio.

I haven't done the whole change yet but I just tested a GD manual turbo shaft into the Mazdaspeed LSD and slid in like drunk into Paris Hilton.

Having seen alot of BP's with decent power figures and move the power band higher up
A FE DOHC with mild boost could easily live with a G series box. With the right modifications.
it's the longstroke F2 and fact it gives most of it's power lower in the rev range that it requires so much extra strength.

It's bit like 400HP 5L - V 400HP 5- stroked to 5.8L

TO put in persepective a H box is huge period. A decent gear set inside it would see no problems with a F2's power in most cases.
Same goes for G series box. Size and structure are no different to most of the honda boxes out there. The S2000 I constantly help on it's PPG set does more damage to it's caseing now. it's intenral are not much bigger then say G-series box.
And if anyone has seen a WRX box it's same G-series box overall.

It's more about how the power is made and applied V how much is put into it.

If I was building a GE with a FS KL - one would have no problem is strengthening the box it's just a matter of money.
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Gearbox got here today looks nice and clean, hopefully i will learn my lesson about giving it so much hell but i dout it i have always been pretty hard on the car
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