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geo storm

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hey everyone, does anyone know if a 5 speed transmition from a 91 geo storm base will work with a 93 GSI motor?
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Its cool man, hes confused on this stuff.

You remember that email I sent you dude? If that GSi is a 93..then its got the 1.8 in it.......YEAH! Call me when you get it I wanna come check it out.
stock93pgt said:
a geo storm? i didnt know this was a isuzu site lol.
and I didnt know this was a ford site, jackass
stock93pgt said:
i didnt say it was a ford site, jerk-off with a life-time suppy of hand lotion.
If I had a life time supply, I'd use it. Who wouldnt?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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