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I've installed adaptronic, so most of the engine sensors are not connected to the factury ECU anymore. However I want the factory ECU to control the air con and radiator fans.

I have wired up a factory temp sensor from the old KLDE into the factory ECU. When the engine gets hot (about 95 degrees), I can measure 200 ohms at the ECU input for temp sensor, however the fans are never turned on. I even put a 100ohm resistor on the pins to simulate a very high temp.

I jumpered the TEN and GND pins, turned ignition on and the fans all came on and stayed on as expected (TPS is not connected to the factory ECU). There were no error codes in the ECU either so it's working fine.

I also disconnected the temp sender from ECU, normally this would make the fans turn on and stay on but it doesn't.

Also when I turn the air con on the compressor clutch does not engadge.

So I'm thinking I need to do something to trick the ECU into thinking it's still running the show but what do I need to do? Do you megasquirt guys have the same problems?

If I ground the fan relay control wires at the ECU, the fans come on as expected so the fan circuit itself has been tested as working properly

Another thing I need to get working is the tacho on the dash. As all the timing sensors are used by the Adaptronic, I can output a tach signal from the Adaptronic back into the factiry ECU or gauge cluster, but what wires?
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