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Im planning on installing a new head/wcam on my 88 DX. I have ported the head slightly and calling Crower on Mon. for cam information. Do they have cam grinds that I can pick from or do I just tell them my engine specs and go from there. I have dealt with Cam Motion for 5.0 roller cams, and they ask for engine specs. Any one have any recommendations. The engine is a stock short block, ported head and intake with pacesetter exhaust. A couple more things. Has anyone changed their cam gear to a different setting. They are numbered 1-4. I put mine on 2 and it seems to have better top end. What affect does milling the head on these engines have on the timing belt tension? I haven't milled mine yet, but was considering it before I put it together. Thanks

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Dragula said:
Guess no one has ever tried milling their head or know a good grind for a cam. I suppose Im on my own then.
Adam has made an adjustable cam sprocket to allow advancing/retarding/compensating for milling head mating surface.

I'd be tempted to talk to these guys before I invested in an off-the-shelf profile from Crower.
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