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Parting it out has its advantages and disadvatages. You can earn more money by parting it out definitely. However it will take time before you see past the $2000 that you are looking for. It may be a headache to ship out parts and there may be unwanted leftovers for you to dispose of. Since our cars are no longer in production their parts are that much more valuable if in good shape. Since you just bought yourself a newer one you yourself may be able to source some parts from your this mx6 (should you ever need it) and learn its internals in the process. Consider it. Do you have the space to keep it lying around unregistered? Would it be a problem for you to dismantle it by yourself? Do you have the time to advertise and ship the pieces as well as respond to interested parties? If these things are major problems than sell it as a whole otherwise you may just lose out on cash. But ... you do see how hungry for parts some of the members in here are.

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