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Looks like there werent too many Zip. -
However.....the mechanic who works on my car moved to a different shop. This shop's owner does custom upgrades/rebuilds on GM primarily...some awesome stuff he's working on...- but 'my' mechanic KEN, who works there now, is quite knowledgable and knows my car along with some Probes.. so Im sure he could work on your suspension upgrades....or anything else..for that matter. He is at a 'Budget Brake and Muffler' shop...but dont be misled by that... The owner/operator - 'Pete', needed more space for 'his' he bought a BB&M shop for 'his' needs....more so than flogging a franchise name.....ya know what I mean.
So you might want to check him (Ken) out.
He's at Budget Brake and Muffler -6756 Royal Oak, (between Kingsway and just b/4 Imperial..on the east side of RoyalOak...theres only like 2 blocks there) in Burnaby - 439-0248.
If you talk to Ken..mention that I referred you to him. I trust him.. and Im finicky about my Ken is cool by me.
Just a suggestion.............
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