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ok im makin some custom guage's for the X's
first gen only so far cause i cant get my hands on the guages for second gen.
if ya want a look at what ive done so far
e-mail me
[email protected]
or get at me thru icq

and ill give ya a look

if anyone wants to show me how to post a pic up here id be gratefull and itd be lots easyer for u guys.\

so far ive done the "joker" series
basicly white guages with Joker on them and funky pics
and the temp guage has a chick on it with a flame for hot and a small blue flame for cold

any ideas/suggestions. just leave em here and ill see what i can do for ya.

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If you've done 1st gen gauges before, please tell me how you removed the pin from the temp and gas gauges without breaking them. I am trying to do my gauges (practicing on junkie gauges) but i keep breaking those damn pins.

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when i put in my guages the first time i messed up the assembly and luckly got it all back together but when i did my custom gauges i just used a fine razor and made a small slice from the pin hole to the bottom to save me the headache. it's not worth tearing up the instrument panel to have white faces. but that is just my opinion. and the cut doesn't bother me that much.
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