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Got my 2 step...

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Haven't been on here in a while, sorry about that. well after pinks I got a little bummed because I didn't get the times I wanted and I was having trouble finding a 2 step. After talking to a friend I finally got one and installed it. It works great and I am going to test it out at the track tommorow. I will post up the results tommorow. Here is where I got it from:
NP Complete Performance
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That looks pretty cool, did you get the WOT shift feature too or just the 2 step? Might have to get one of these for next season (also bummed about track times this year:tdown:) Does it install as easy as it looks or did you have to do anything special because of the SDS?
i got the wot shift feature too. I was having troubles with the wot box and my slave cylinder at the track last night . I ran a 12.3 @ 120, and I'm not too happy about it, because I couldn't get a clean launch and a good run. I am going back friday after a few adjustments.
Ive played with wot shift and 2 step on my stock(ish) gt and i thought it was fun, but its only really useful if on the strip like you are. good luck with it :D
The only 2 step rev limiter that I've had experience with is the one on my TECII unit. But at the moment its not working. :) I have to send it to electromotive to have it fixed.
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