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greddy exhaust

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does anybody know if the GReddy Evolution cat-back exhaust will fit both 6 and 4 cyl. i have a 93 i4 and i have heard only great things about GReddy, i tried emaling GReddy but they wont get back to me so does anybody know if the Evolution Greddy catback exhaust fits the 4cyl. if not does GReddy make ANY exhaust systems that fit the 2nd gen i4 6? i know brosal makes a system for the i4 but other than that is there any companies that make good exhaust systems for the i4

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I'm trying to look it up right now, but AFAIK there is a catback for MX6.
the probe uses the street performance exhaust, for the mx6 its the evolution catback, check out they've got it listed for $589

btw that's only for the v6, there isn't one from greddy for the i4 afaik
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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