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Here is a write up for those of you who have bought my ground wire kits.

What you will need to do this is:

The Groundwire kit
Socket Set
30 minutes at most


First of all match the wires for their grounds from biggest to smallest.

Second take the ground from the valve cover to the negative battery terminal it is the biggest one.

Connect it to the Battery terminal using one of the sockets from your set.

the wire then goes to the valve cover
(Except on mine when testing screws......... I broke one off in the spot it should be :D) You will also have to use one of the screws included in the kit

Now you have one wire on... Four more to go :)

The next wire is the other wire coming from the negative battery terminal

It connects on the strut tower using another socket from your socket set

Now you have 3 left :)

Next take the intake manifold wire then connect it. :) it connects to the IM here:

The ground connects back to the body as shown in the picture :)

Next you replace the stock ground from the body to the valve cover as shown in this pciture:

Last one is from the throttle body to the body of the car :) this is the last one you are almost there !!!!!

Take off the screw on the throttle body as shown in the picture and connect it back to the body :D

Now you are done :)

Go in and have a beer or maybe a root beer for some people :)
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