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well, i finally got around uploading the pics of my ground wire kit again....

well a freind of mine made me a ground wire kit for the car, the kit is great quality. works good. and also looks good under the engine bay.

this is a pic of the stock ground wire compared to the kit.

this is the stock ground on the top of the motor

this is the alternator wire.

thats were i gounded the alternator. right near the cruize control

i grounded the started in the back on the driver side, near our grean connector.

this is the distributor ground wire.

i also grounded the throtle body.

and this is were i gorunded the TB

this is the intake manifold ground.

and a whole engine bay shot

the kit made my engine idle smoother, along smother revving, plus made my head lights a little brighter, plus it looks geat under the hood.
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