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i hope im not posting something that has been discussed already on the forum, if it is i apologize.
(did a search found nothing that sounds like my prob)
ok so about a year and half ago i bought an 89 MX6GT problem was torque converter was fried. so i go down to the mazda dealer and order me up a re-manufactured ATX i hook it up underfilled it once and overfilled it once drained the excess and left it at the level that its supposed to be at. Ever since i installed the ATX and got the car running again i have had to shift into L,2,D once i hit drive i expect 3rd gear to engage...but... sadly it does not. the engine will rev up to 6000-7000 rpms(i threw in an F8 DOHC in the bay cuz F2T had fried piston rings as well) and it will accelerate but the RPM'S wont drop so its eating away at my gas once i hit 40 MPH @ 2500 RPM's. so let me put it this way if my MPH goes to 60 my RPM's will be at the same spot my MPH needle is at. and just recently the hold switch light keeps flashing constantly and sometimes it wont.
*EDIT turns out it was the TPS i tweaked it a little and the light went away.
.the car idles just fine goes into reverse just fine too(this problem existed before i replaced the engine too). so what do the ATX masters think is going on here?:confused:
-thanks for any help you might be able to provide.
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