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I finally got my probe working again. Well actually the mechanic did but he did not charge me anything. He accepted some blame for it not working. This is what happened.

It was all really depressing, I had just gotten the probe back from the shop with a rebuilt tranny and a new clutch and allignment. The car crapped out that night. It would sputter and die after starting.

We first thought it was a vacum hose. We checked all of them and even took a look at the tb boot and intercooler for cracks. The shop thought that they might have been a little violent when putting the tranny back. In the end it turns out it was the fuel pressure regulator. The shop accepted the blame because the gas tank was basically empty, while it was in the shop and then also while the alligment was bieng done. The shop and i agreed that some gunk must have gotten into the system from the bottom of the tank.

However the setup that they used to test the fuel pressure was unreliable, he said that the device that they own which they know works 100% accurate wouldnt fit onto the car. So now the innacurate reading that we are getting is about 65psi (with new pressure regulator, as compared to 85 psi with old one), book says about 35psi is correct. The car is not exhibiting any problems, yet.

How can I tell if i am running rich?? I dont have an air/fuel gauge set up yet. Also i have been shifting before 3000 rpm to break in the rebuilt tranny. The shop tells me that their equipment is incorrect and that they think that everything is fine.

I do trust them, especially because they did all this for no charge.
But i am a little worried.
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