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Has anybody RWD, MR or AWD a mx6 using the KL engine?

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I had a 1993 mx6 v6 around 10 years ago. Ultimately I killed it by running it on low oil. It seized bad.

Anyway I always thought that a RWD mx6 would be amazing. Rotary would be a great option considering its inside the family but I see rotary everything around me and its played imho.

I've been away for a while. I would love to know if anybody has done a cool 2nd gen Franken mx6 out there?
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search on probetalk
Here is a probe.
Can you build a KL-powered RWD MX6/Probe? Yes....yes...

Although it seems kinda pointless. I don't think Mazda made a motor in it's history worthy of building a rear wheel drive with even less an AWD car around.

Here is a Rotary MX6 RWD but it's a tube chassis with fiberglass body so it's not really an MX6.
I guess this is where rotary engines end up when RX7 owner want to go fast and upgrade to a turbo charged LS motor.

The fastest RX7's run turbo V8's. Don't get me wrong rotary engines can make insane amount of power on high boost with very small displacement before they destroy themselves .

Why it seems pointless: The MX6 is a front wheel drive car, the body was designed and built to handle all the torsion and stress at the front. A rear wheel drive requires a stiffer frame from the motor mounts at the front to behind the rear wheels, This would apply to AWD and even rear engine rwd. There are 2 ways of doing this without R&D budgets, 1- don't do enough reinforcing, twist the frame and ruin the car or 2- overbuild the car and never know how much was needed.
By the time the frame is reinforced, firewall tunnel is added, floors pan tunnel is rebuilt... 400+lbs will be added to the vehicles weight making it heavier than other 2door, 200bhp, rwd cars of it's size do to the heavier front structure, it would be slower than FWD 2.5KL mx6's and won't have as good of launch and drift capabilities/handling of factory built RWD's due it's weigh distribution.

It would be better to make a tube chassis for the MX6 and run any suspension set-up imaginable and run a rear mounted transmission. Cut away the floors and factory frame of the mx6 and drop it on and weld it to the tube chassis.
But at this point why use a Mazda engine? Sure with money almost any motor can make lots of hp but for how much and how long?
You can make 1000hp with a turbo charged 2.0l lots of work and really high boost, you can make 1000hp with a turbo charged v8 with considerably less work and boost. If or should I say when the 2.0l motor blows it will destroy itself, if 5+L V8 blows it might need a rebuild or a new headgasket and head studs. At a N/A peak average of 100hp per L displacement the 2.0l has to make 500% power, a 5.0l V8 needs to make 200%.
Guess I'm getting old or logical, years ago I would have tried making 1000hp in a 4cylinder or converting a fwd to rwd, heck even though with the first gen all that's needed is lots more boost, lots more fuel and water/meth to make them as fast or faster than I would ever want a FWD to be, at a certain point modification becomes novelty, all my builds became novelty and I spent ten's of thousands of hours working on them over the years, I did all this because I love the rush and exhilaration of going fast. Life is too short for novelty's.
Want a fast car buy one.
Want a rwd buy one.
And mod from there .
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