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has anyone put an after market FPR?

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i recently bought one that has a fuel pressure guage on it cause i have a funny feeling my car isn't getting sufficient pressure or one of the injectors is staying open loosing pressure...

my question is... has any one installed one before? and where exactly in the line did you put it? how did you delete the oem fpr?:confused:
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and i have a funny feeling the problem you are chasin is probably in one of the mods in your sig :p

there are threads about installing a fpr and blocking off the stock section. search :tup:
possible but i think unlikely the car just runs like at higher boost i doesn't get enough fuel and bogs out... i'm thinking just low fuel pressure. and i did look around and just found abounch of other things that have to do with the fpr but not exactly what i was looking for...
If your fuel pressure is too low your engine won't bog out it will ping it's head off.

Bogging is usually caused by too rich a mixture.

I would be checking for intake leaks and then moving onto the ignition.
i see that makes sense actually...thanks check out those things out
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