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Hey Panther,

Wierd problem. We could use a bit more info though - eg:

- Does the car change gears OK up to 60? Could be a gearbox problem
- Can you rev above 4000 when in drive? Could be a gearbox problem
- Can you rev above 4000 when in neutral?
- Is there any hesistation up to this RPM range? Could be an electrics problem
- What sensors did you replace, and did the problem begin as soon as you replaced them? Could be a sensor giving crap data from an incorrect replacement or faulty sensor
- You mentioned that 'only when you take your foot off the gas does it increase in speed'... does this mean that you are trying with wide open throttle? Could be a problem with fuel delivery choking the engine
- Does the car appear loaded (i.e can you accelerate to whatever speed you can get to at a reasonable rate)? Perhaps a brake problem - the probes had a problem with the rear brake caliper locking up due to the handbrake


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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