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ok please no one get offended, I love both cars
I just prefer pop-ups and hatches.
My question is for 2nd generation MX6 and probe owners
I have read there are about 3 of the truly fastest 2nd gen probes on this forum and PTalk. Have any of the fastest MX6s
raced with these famed probe's. Has anyone seen a race
between two good drivers in really fast modded ford vs mazda Kl series platforms-track or 1/4mile?

where do these famous cars exist?

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I don't get it.

Call me crazy but why would you want to see that???

Considering they are the exact same car with some very minor differences that has nor real effects on performance.

And even if one beats another it doesn't mean anything since they are the exact same car and with the same amount of mods should do similar times. A KL will blow at 14psi no matter if it's in an Mx6 or a Probe. Once again I would see no point in doing such a comparision since nothing would be gain out of it as far as a competition is concern except driver prowess. In which case it can be done in a Geo Metro to determine which driver is better.

And if you really wanted to do a comparision you should have done the 2nd gen vs 1st gen deal. I doubt any of the 2nd gen out there can run with some of those crazy turbo FE.
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