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What should I do first to my six?

  • Upgrade the turbo and intercooling system

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • re-upholster the enterior

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • new rims

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  • body kit

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Sometimes my turbo buzzer sounds when I get it up to around 4-4500 rpm's. It causes a loud squeel and an extreme loss of power. The car almost dies when this occurs. What could possibly be wrong with the turbo? Is it completely shot or can it be repaired?

Sounds like your overboosting, is the buzzing sound coming from the dash or the turbo itself? I'd check to see if you have any leaks in your intake pipes, paying carefull attention to the 90 degree elbow on your throttle body (Take it off and bend it it around).

If the sound is coming from your turbo itself, then your turbo bearings have so much play in them that they are allowing the impellers to hit the turbo housing. In that case, your pretty much screwed as the housing is scored and the impellers will be damaged.

You'll need a new turbo, and its a good excuse to get a better one. Don't waste your money buying a new one from mazda as they want $1800 for it, and you can get a better one off e-bay for $300 or so.

Oh, and on your poll...What is good is all that appearance stuff if the car doesn't run right?

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Did you try a SEARCH on this issue?? It's been covered lots of times...

The buzzer in the dash signals that you have a boost leak.

More than likely you just have a cracked/rotted-out rubber throttle body boot. This item needs to be replaced on all of these cars after 10+ years. It's about $60-80 at the nearest Mazda dealer.

I wouldn't worry about the turbo itself unless it's slinging oil or has excess shaft play.
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