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headlight relay..

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hey guys..
i'm having problems with my headlights.. i searched and came down to the headlight relay.
i was having the same problems as a lot of people: turn signals work, no low beams, hi beams work only when pull towards driver.

can someone give me instructions as to how to change the relay?
and a picture on which to change cause i'm confused, some say it's in the fuse box, some say it's not..

btw, my car's a 97.
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never mind.. got it for 8 bucks each at the dealership.
please post pics?
i'll post pics tomorrow when there's light out..

and here are the relays, i was surprised how cheap they were.
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am having this problem too.

Why are there 2 headlight relays? Haynes electrical diagram shows only one relay for both high and low beam, both sides left and right.
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