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1995 Mazda MX-6 LS
6 Cyl. DOHC 24Valve
108,000 Miles
Automatic Trans.

About 2 months ago, My timing belt slipped and broke on the way to work and
replaced timing belt and Timing Belt Tensioner.

Which after worked fine for about 2 weeks then the "O/D Off" light started flashing. And wount shift into final gear.. so im riding 55MPH @ 4000 RPMs.

I had the transmission rebuilt a year ago (At about 94,000 miles) which i brout the car to them when this problem started. 1 week from the one year warranty ending. They kept it for 38 hours and deemed it to be a electrical problem not related to the transmission. He said the computer was getting the command to shift from speed sensor, but not sending it out to tranny and that all tranny solenoids were ok

What makes me come to believe this is true, is because the light and shifting problem was eleviated on an occasion of hiting a speed bump and another of runing over a railroad crossing. Which when the O/D Light wasnt not flashing it shift threw ALL gears well and ran at the proper amount of RPMs.

Is something lose? What could be causing this problem?

Any replies are appreciated

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Check the ground wire on the passenger side engine mount. I've seen funny things happen when this was left off.

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It may also be the throttle body connectors,at either end,or dirty throttle body having difficulty moving smoothly.
These tranny's are completely computer controlled,and bad inputs (faults) are memorised.
However,they have self-diagnostic programs built into both the engine control computer and the tranny control computer.
They store trouble codes when a fault,like yours,occurs.
Read the code that the tranny computer outputs, and post any codes that you get in this thread,and I will look them up for you( or E-mail me directly at [email protected])
(The HOLD light flashes the code (s) when you bridge connector (socket) "TAT" with socket "GND" (GND above and to the left of TAT) in the DIAGNOSTIC connector plug not too far from the drivers side shock tower.
There is a diagram inside the diagnostic connector lid...(don't bend the lid too far back and snap it off !)
If you carefully connect these with a clean paper clip bent to reach the socets properly(ignition key completely off),and then turn key on(but don't start the car),the HOLD light on the dash cluster will blink out any stored code(s).
Long (1.4 sec.) flashes indicate "Tens" position of code number,short(0.4 sec.)flashes indicate "ones" posion of the code number,e.g. Long short short=12;Long Long short short short=23.
If there is more then 1 cde stored,the computer reaqds out the next one after a short(4 sec.)pause.
The cycle will continue,as long as the ignition key is on.
Count carefully.
Read out any error codes that your tranny computer sets,this is the easiest and best way to diqgnose these COMPLETELY computer controlled trannies.
If fluid is ok(not burnt),level ok,and its driven ok since it happend,it probably is not mechanical failure,as you would not be going anywhere then.
Try reading the codes,and post them in this thread and I will look them up for you.
Just be careful with the connecting of the TAT and GND terminals in the DIAGNOSTIC connecter,you don't want to jam the paper clip in there and damage the metallic contacts.
Aw I said,post the codes in this thread or E-mail them to me.
Good luck.
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