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about mazda mx6 95 year ecu

Hi! i need help. sory about my english language- i'm from latvia :)
1. My ecu broke down (he dont give a signal to distributor), one man check them and say whats broken are microchip). and here in latvia, i cant found a new ecu with code KLA4-18-881.. noone have this ecu... i need imobilizer box with chip from orginal key too..
2. Someone maybe know which other ecu i could put in? in ebay shop ecu with kla4 code dont have..
3. maybe this ecu have someone? i could pay over the internet and you sent to mee?
4. maybe someone know something about ecu from ford probe?
P.S. this ecu coud bee on 626 94 year too..
have ideas what to do?
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