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I had just got the car back from aamco trannsmissions and they had put 5 new motor mounts, and 2 new tranny seals.. car ran great afterwards...Today, I drove a good 30 minute ride and as soon as i was backin into a spot the car jus dies.. battery is fine but it tries to turn but its not kickin.. Mabe the Disty?? Any Ideas plz help!!:(

My money is on a disty, mine died like that, out of the blue with no prior poor performance. ('93LS V-6 w/150K mi) The engine would crank strong but never even try to really kick. I would check for spark with a cheap tester or just by holding a wire close to the block and having someone crank it. To see if its really dead put one wire in mouth and one hand on block. :eek: Before replacement, my spark was erratic and a weak yellow, barely visible. After it was a blue color.

The replacement was not too hard (some of the bolts are a little hard to get to if you don't take off the air filter box, etc.) but unlike some others here I did have to set my idle and timing afterwards to smooth it out.

Good luck.
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