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Help for 94 Probe V-6

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Help--any ideas? Put new distributor in after old one was breaking and dying losing spark. Have changed wires and plugs as well as retiming engine. Car now has a misfire at various rpm's and will change as the the disributor timing is changed. Sometimes miss is at a low rpm range especially under a load. Other times breaks up at higher rpm's around 4K. All ideas and help is appreciated.
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sounds like you're adjusting the distributer too far in either direction. Too far advanced will cause high rpm problems and too far retarded will cause the low end stumble. I would def have a pro time the car as you can do alot of damage with improper timing. I killed a civic that way :jump: Glad i learned on the honda and not on a real car.

Also the wires could possibly be loose or damaged inside and not helping the problem. I'd check them with a fluke meter for continuity 0=bad ~1300= good
Im not sure if this is your answer, but I had a problem in a 94 pgt that the car would kick and buck when driving it almost seemed like it would do it almost all the time while driving.

As long as you have your old distributor it may be worth a try with the old one. Inside of the distributor there are two metal pieces that go together that have a friction fitting that likes to wear off. What I did on an old on is soldered the two pieces together and then put them into the distibuter as one piece. Car has not done it since. I posted this a while ago under popping cars? Ill see if I can find the link
Glad i learned on the honda and not on a real car.

regarding the disty. are you sure you fully seated the disty into the head? because if you did not align the grooves correctly it is possible to install the disty 180deg off.
i know because i hired a fucktard mechanic shop when i had my first disty went bad. and i didn't find out until my car started cutting out and i had to pop the hood to check what was wrong.
good call! 180 out is not fun! I spent weeks trying to figure out why my mustang was hardly running, only to find out that my drunk [email protected]@ friend put the dist in 180 out. he still swears that midgets did it tho.
you could also look at the rotor and cap and see if there bad (you didnt say that you changed them so i assume there old) but give that a shot that happend to mine with a bad cap and rotor
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