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Hi Guys and gals,
I am looking into getting an mx-6 and had a couple of questions I was hoping to answer. For the last two years I have been an eclipse fanatic. I had a 95gsx that I was driving with an upgraded turbo and some other performance mods as well as lots of cosmetic mods(ground effects kit custom interior and more). I live in a small town and I had probably the fastest and most recognizable car in town. Well some (explative deleted) person decided to steal it and drive it off an embankment and wreck it. To make a long story short I got my insurance money and along with other money I have saved up I have a total of about $17,000 to spend. At first I was just going to get another eclipse and trick it out but the more I thought about it I wanted to try something new. In my search for cars in my price range I came across the Mazda mx-6. I immediatly liked the style and reliability it seemed to offer. However after multiple searches on the internet I have found very little in the way of performance mods and cosmetic mods. If anyone here could direct me to a page that has turbo kits of the mx-6 and the expected horsepower gains I would be most appreciative. Also if you could direct me to a page that would have dash mods like dials, replacement dashes, and things of that nature I would be in your debt. I am very excited about the prospect of working on an mx-6 but I do not want to get into something and not be able to do what I wanted with it. Thanks in advance for your time.
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