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1993 Mazda MX-6 LS with 85, 000 Miles.

This past weekend I went camping and about 45 mins into the drive it started to rain.

So I had my wipers and it started to get muggy inside so I turned on the AC which I normally do not use often.

Like 5 mins later my wipers die and I feel what can be best described as a power spike.....almost the same feeling as if I was hydro-planing in the rain.

So after pulling over, and getting back on my way I find that the wipers do not work(and the spray) and plus the AC does not work and I have no heater control. Basically I can't switch the way the air flows and I can't switch between hot/cold. But the fan WORKS!

I checked all the fuses, inside and under the hood.

If anybody has had this problem before or can recommend something or even tell me briefly how the whole wiper system/heater control works that would be much appreciated.

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