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Help Me Please:help:

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:jump:Hey peeps. My name is Dustin and I am new to MX-6. Just got my first Mazda. I have a 94 MX-6. It has the 2.0 i4. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am trying to figure out if I can do the Hei Mod on the 2.0 i4 and if so Does someone know of a wiring diagram or what wires to use? All I have been able to find is wiring diagrams for the 6 cyl. Any help will be appreciated, I have got to try and get this car back on the road.:jump::help:
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Someone asked the same question a few posts down, heres the link
Thanks for the help. Appreciate it. If you know of anything else please get at me. There really was not much info about it in that thread. Thank you though. Keep it real
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